How we work

Method of culture : viticulture
“A year in the vineyard.”

Size: Double Guyot and spurred cordon short. It occurs from November to March.

Cultural methods: Viticulture reasoned with natural grass and tillage rank / two budding, full resawing. Then stripping sunrise side and green harvesting.

The disbudding: All superfluous branches are removed manually split each bud to limit yields.

The trellising: The vine is found between son and constricted by several staples each stake to facilitate the passage of tractors.

Trimming or trimming: Cutting the vine height and width to master vegetation.

The leaf removal: The leaves are removed manually or mechanically side rising sun to aerate and improve the harvest maturity.

The harvest is manual and several successive selections for the Chenin grape. Delicate pressing through a pneumatic press. The vinification is traditional.

Fermented and aged in stainless steel thermo-regulated or in our air-conditioned barrel cellar. Tangential flow filtration and setting poor bottle germ.