Coteaux du Layon Saint Aubin

Location : Saint-Aubin-de-Luigné lies between the Loire to the north and the Layon to the south. It
is an excellent terroir known as “the pearl of the Layon”.

Grape variety : Chenin, harvested when it is over-ripe. Terroir: Shale, quartz on clay and sand. Average age of vines: over 40 years.

Winemaking : Saint-Aubin harvests manually, by successive passes of grapes as noble rot begins. The grapes are pressed gently using a bladder press. Alcoholic fermentation is controlled by adjusting the temperature and the wine is aged in tanks.

Tasting notes : A nose of fresh citrus (grapefruit) and more exotic notes, including pineapple. Well- balanced in the mouth, where dried fruits dominate (apricots, figs, dates, etc.).

Pairings : Ideal as an aperitif, or with foie gras or blue cheese canapés. Serve before dessert, ideally spiced or tangy flavours based on cinnamon, orange peel or bitter chocolate. Avoid pairing with very sweet desserts.

Keeping qualities : Coteaux du Layon are very good vins de garde. Excellent drunk young while fruity (during the first 3 years). Be aware of the dumb period. Depending on the vintage, these wines are generally less aromatic 4 to 8 years after they are made. Hide them at the back of the cellar until they open up!

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