Crémant de Loire Demi-Sec from Domaine des Forges

Crémant de Loire, the perfect celebration wine! Choose brut or demi-sec.
Location : Our grapes are harvested manually at St Aubin de Luigné and then transported to Saumur where they are pressed and made into wine.
Grape variety : An assemblage of Chenin, Chardonnay and Cabernet.
* 1st phase : Base wine is made. Grapes are harvested manually in open boxes so that the juices produced by crushing do not oxidise. Pneumatic pressing with selection of the juices. 150kg of grapes are pressed to obtain just 100l of juice.

* 2nd phase : The base wine (still wine) is transformed into sparkling wine by “tirage”. The base wine is poured into bottles and sugar and yeast are added. This is the point at which the bubbles form (carbon dioxide is produced by refermentation). The bottles are left in place for several months to develop their finesse, roundness and complexity.

* 3rd phase:  Riddling and disgorging The bottles are aged on boards for at least twelve months. Riddling may be manual or semi-automatic (on gyropalettes). The dead yeast cells fall down towards the neck of the bottle, which is plunged into a solution at a temperature of -27°C. An ice cube forms in the wine with the deposit inside it. The bottle is then uncorked and the ice cube is forced out. The wine is left perfectly clear.

* 4th phase : The bottle is topped up with liqueur d’expédition, made of wine and sugar. Either brut or demi-sec Crémant de Loire is obtained, depending on the amount of liqueur added.
Serving notes : Serve very cold as an aperitif or dessert wine. Crémant is delicate in the mouth, with white fruit and brioche aromas. Drink now.

  • Référence du produit : PDCT000001582